Excavation Support

When project conditions do not allow for pre-excavation, sloping, or more traditional means of accessing deeper excavations, H.B. Fleming can provide an engineered excavation support system. Our excavation support systems are designed by Licensed Professional Engineers and are designed to suit project-specific requirements.

Most of the excavation support systems we design and install utilize steel sheet piles or driven soldier piles and timber lagging. When needed, bracing of individual walls is accomplished by using internal or external framing. In some cases, a combination of the two is used.

Deep Excavation Support

I89; Lebanon, NH – Anchored Soldier Pile Excavation Support

H.B Fleming has the ability to design and install various types of soil anchors including helical, grouted, and driven anchors. Using anchors to support a structure usually allows the inside of the excavation to remain unobstructed by framework. This is particularly important if working room within the excavation is limited. The use of anchors also allows an excavation support system to be installed in vertical stages, which in turn can allow the system to support deeper excavations. We routinely design and install excavation support structures for excavations up to 30′ deep.

Lebanon, NH - A soldier pile/lagging excavation support wall with anchors. I-89 is on the other side of the Jersey Barriers at the top of the picture.

I89; Lebanon, NH – A soldier pile and lagging wall supported with anchors.