Yankee Fisherman’s Co-Op

Location: Seabrook, NH

Client: Town of Seabrook

Scope of Work

  • Design & installation of a replacement bulkhead approximately 450 feet long for the Town of Seabrook.

The existing bulkhead was constructed in the 1970’s for use in unloading barges and equipment for the Seabrook Power Plant. After the power plant was constructed, the bulkhead was donated to the town, and the town leased the area to the Yankee Fisheman’s Co-op. After 30 + years the bulkhead had corroded beyond repair, and replacing the bulkhead completely was deemed far too costly due to existing buildings directly adjacent. At that time H.B. Fleming was contacted to assess the repairs. We determined that the existing tie system could be utilized with the new sheetpile bulkhead. This concept saved the project and helped H.B. Fleming get the contract for the work. H.B. Fleming then obtained the necessary DEP permits, and began work. The new bulkhead was installed in two phases. This allowed the co-op to continue business on half of the bulkhead while the other half was constructed.