Augusta Courthouse Facilty

Location:  Augusta, ME

Client:  Consigli Construction Company

Scope of Work

  • Installation of approximately 12,700 LF of HP12x53 piling.
  • Installation of a 250′ long soldier pile and timber lagging excavation support system. Excavation depths were up to 20′.
  • Installation of approximately 70 helical soil anchors.
  • Rehabilitation of an existing retaining wall in order to support additional retained soil loads.

This project consisted of driving 272 steel piles to support the new facility as well as installing a 250′ long excavation support wall. The foundation included a basement level that required excavating up to 20′ below existing grade. The existing court house foundation was approximately 15 feet away from the face of the excavation support wall. In order to accomodate the excavation depth and the lateral loads from the existing structure, helical anchors were used to support the soldier pile and lagging wall.

This picture is showing the soldier pile/lagging support wall held up with helical anchors.

Excavation support system with helical anchors installed.

Another component of the project was to rehabilitate an existing retaining wall on site.  A new parking lot needed to be built above the existing retaining wall. In order to build the parking lot, the grade behind the existing wall needed to be raised by ten feet. H.B. Fleming designed a solution whereby the existing concrete wall was reinforced to accomodate the additional height and lateral loading. Several holes were cored through the existing wall and helical anchors were installed. The wall was then re-faced with concrete. This approach allowed the owner to save a significant amount of time and money by avoiding having to demolish the existing wall and construct a new wall from the ground up.

Below are photos of the rehabilitation process.

Retaining Wall prior to rehabilitation

Notice the cracking.

Note the large vertical crack in the existing wall.


Augusta Ret.Wall Before_3_640x480

The Process

14" diameter holes were cored through wall.  In places the existing wall was 2 feet thick.

Holes were cored through the existing wall to allow for anchor installation.

The Finished Product

Augusta Ret.Wall After_5 640x480