Idexx Laboratories East Building Expansion

Location: Westbrook, ME

Owner: Idexx Labratories

Client: PC Construction

Scope of Work

  • Installation of approximately 14,700 LF of HP10x42 and HP12x53 piling to support the foundation of the East Building Expansion.

Proximity to existing buildings was a primary concern prior to commencing work on this project. More specifically, the transfer of vibrations to the existing labs from construction activities was a major concern of the project’s owner. This facility utilizes many scientific processes that are highly sensitive to vibration.

In an affort to minimize the risk of vibration transfer, we pre-augered all of the piles that were installed within 100 feet of existing buildings. The depth of the pre-augering was dictated by the soil conditions. Once a hole was pre-augered, we were to place a pile into the hole and drive it with an impact hammer.

This project was somewhat unique in that it required a Static Pile Load Test in addition to a dynamic pile testing program. The static test consisted of stacking 248 tons of concrete blocks and steel piling on top of the test pile to reach the required test load.

Here you see both driving rigs.  The crane in the for-ground is utilizing a vibratory  hammer fitted on a sled on the fixed leads to initially the piles following the pre-auguring process.

Two cranes driving piles. The crane in the foreground is installing piles with a vibratory driver/extractor prior to “seating” with an impact hammer.

Here is our Komatsu excavated fitted with a Rev-Drill for the pre-auguring process.

H.B. Fleming excavator-mounted earth auger/drill used for pre-augering at selected pile locations.

Here you see one of the 11 splices on the project to minimize material waste.

Splicing a pile. All of Fleming’s welders are AWS certified.

Static Load Test

Static Load Test

Seating piles with a Link-Belt 218 equipped with flying leads and a diesel impact hammer.

Seating piles with a crane set up with flying leads and a diesel impact hammer.