Eastern Maine Medical Center

Location:  Bangor, Maine

Client:  CIANBRO/Brassfield & Gorrie

Scope of Work

  • Installation of approximately 4,800 linear feet of HP 14×89 piling to support a new 7 story addition to the existing hospital.
  • Installation of a 310′ long soldier pile and lagging excavation support wall to accommodate excavation depths up to 16′.

The project consisted of driving 268 steel piles to support the new hospital addition and constructing an excavation support system to allow for simultaneous construction of the basement and adjacent first floor.  The basement foundation was 16′ below the subgrade for the first floor slab.  Approximately 90′ of the excavation support wall was directly next to the existing hospital  and up to 16′ below the existing foundation.  In order to allow for open excavation, helical anchors and deadmen were used to support the wall.  The helical anchors were installed under the existing hospital foundation, and deadmen were installed in the areas where there was no existing foundation present.

A difficult component of the job was working in such close proximity to the existing hospital. At times our crane’s various line’s were within 1 foot the existing hospital!  Another component that made the job more difficult was the winter conditions.  The winter of 2013-2014 was one of the coldest on record.

Pile Driving within 1' of the existing hospital.

Pile Driving within 1′ of the existing hospital.

Boom tip very close to hospital!

As you can see, the boom tip is very close to the hospital.