I-93 Exit 5 NB Ramps – Londonderry, NH

Client: Severino Trucking Company, Inc.

Scope of Work

Install two temporary excavation support structures to allow for construction of new Northbound exit and entrance ramps.

    • The North Wall was 1026′ long and utilized 170 soldier piles and 300 helical anchors to support excavation depths up to 29′.
    • The South Wall was 270′ long and utilized 45 soldier piles and 100 helical anchors to support excavation depths up to 34′.

H.B. Fleming was hired by Severino Trucking to install temporary excavation support along I-93 Northbound to allow for the construction new entrance and exit ramps. We utilized anchored soldier piles and lagging to provide the needed shoring. Excavation depths ranged from approximately 20’ to 30′. Helical soil anchors were used to support the walls.

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