Excavation support is a large part of what we do at H.B. Fleming, and we have the expertise and the equipment to install a broad range of structures. Each project has specific challenges with respect to excavation depth, water elevation, surcharge loads, working room for other trades, existing utilities, etc. Our in-house design staff are quick to deal with problems as soon as they arise to keep projects running.

Projects Including Excavation Support

Cofferdams/Excavation Support: Dartmouth College

Owner: Dartmouth College Partner: Turner Construction Type: Institutional Construction Location: Hanover, New Hampshire Project Description: H.B. Fleming installed 1,000 feet of shoring to support construction of a parking garage three stories below grade, with an engineering and science hall to be built on top. The project entailed driving 70-foot-long sections of sheet pile around the…



Owner: Bateman Partners Partner: Allied/Cook Type: Excavation Support & Pile Driving Location: Portland, Maine Project Description: For this massive, 2.5-acre urban development project, H.B. Fleming designed and installed 17 cofferdams, 500 H-Piles, and seven rock anchors. Challenge: The site was underlain by notoriously unpredictable, soft Presumpscot clay, and the deepest cut had to be 30…